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We believe in empowering our clients with short-term counselling interventions that focus on learning and building skills they can "take-away" to use and reuse as necessary.

About Our Counselling Services 

From time to time, when the strains of everyday life get on top of us, we can all do with a boost to our coping resources. Often we get this from family and friends, through rest and relaxation, or through engaging, meaningful or escapist activities.

But there are times when we may want to review or bolster our usual stress coping strategies with professional counselling support. And there are times for many of us when psychological counselling is warranted as we face the more extraordinary challenges life presents us.

At The Working Edge, we work with clients to top up their resilience and deal constructively with stress, anxiety, loss and adjustment to change, injury or disability, conflict and relationship issues.

What We Offer

We specialise in:

  • counselling adults with work, stress, career and lifestyle change issues.
  • supporting people who have had a physical injury, illness or disability where they need support to adjust to trauma, loss, chronic pain or incapacity.
  • workers' compensation and personal injury claim referrals.

Our Clients

Some of our clients have diagnosed psychological conditions such as depression or anxiety but are still functioning reasonably well on a day to day basis. When the impact on the client's level of functioning is severe we refer them to a clinical psychologist or psychiatrist for assessment and appropriate management.

Some of our clients on the other hand have no mental, emotional or physical condition but simply feel they benefit from learning strategies to make better decisions in their lives, to develop better relationship skills, to become more resilient or relaxed, or to develop a more positive outlook on life and the changes it brings.

Some comments by our clients

"Thanks for your marvellous work"

"I didn't think counselling would be so positive!"

"You are a lifesaver!"

"I feel much more confident about my future"

"I'm using the strategies automatically now"

"The relaxation CD is brilliant!"

Our Approach

Our counselling approach is based in cognitive and solution-focussed therapies combined with relaxation training, mindfulness, narrative strategies and positive psychology. Essentially, we have a conversation. The psychologist asks questions, listens and checks back with the client to ensure that we understand what they are saying. We make suggestions about take-home exercises and provide the client with relevant resources for reading or relaxation practice. Our goal is to help clients to "shrink" their emotional problems and challenges into a perspective that makes sense for them and to learn constructive ways of meeting those challenges.

If you want to know more or have any concerns about seeing a psychologist, our "Frequently Asked Questions page might be helpful.

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